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Lynx Toolbox

Lynx has a robust set of tools in our toolbox and we’re constantly curating the best of new technologies in the insights space. We’re always on the lookout for partners and emerging technologies that can solve problems for our clients.


  • Maxdiff
  • Discrete Choice
  • Conjoint
  • TURF

Building a business case

  • Volumetric/demand forecasting
  • Price sensitivity
  • Gating/Take Rate Analysis

Targeting + Positioning

  • Segmentation
  • People-based (attitudinal, behavioral)
  • Occasion based/Jobs to be done/Need states

Diagnosing Brand Performance

  • Geolocation-based Behavioral Analysis
  • Online Behavioral Analysis (mobile and desktop-based)
  • Pain-point Analysis
  • Gap/Barriers Analysis
  • Driver analysis (statistical and AI-based)
  • Perceptual Mapping
  • Correspondence Analysis
  • Biplot
  • Multiple Correspondence