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Our Toolbox has powerful techniques we use to create market landscape insights.

Attitude and Usage
Need State Development
Jobs to be Done
Occasion-Based Segmentation
Attitudinal Segmentation and Persona Development

Success story: Reimagining a fast-casual strategy.

Restaurant chain redefines strategic blueprint with Lynx competitive landscape insights.

Despite our client being the brand that invented their Fast Casual sub-category, they had suffered recent declines in volume and traffic. Additionally, new high-growth category entrants were siphoning off visits and dollars, as well as extending the category into a broader customer base.

The brand needed to understand needs being met by these new competitors and how consumers viewed the client brands positioning against those needs.

Lynx created a model of restaurant choice in the context of occasion and the need states underlying brand choice in the Fast Casual sub-category. We identified eight core occasions and the needs consumers were looking to satisfy for each.

A highly impactful visualization of brand perceptions against key needs states brought the point home for our client showing them the direction they needed to take to compete more effectively.

This work became the strategic blueprint for all new marketing-based innovation for this brand. Based on the insights from this work, company leadership embarked on initiatives to revamp the menu, redesign interiors, enhance CX, and reposition the brand, including a change to their name to break away from the negative equity of the past.

Market Landscapes

Company leadership embarked on initiatives to revamp the menu, redesign interiors, and reposition the brand.