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Success story: Communicating new product positioning.

Bath fixture company determines the best way to communicate its revolutionary new product positioning.

Bath fixture client was developing a positioning strategy that was revolutionarily different from any other brands in the category. Since purchase decisions in this category are made primarily in the store, product packaging was seen as a critically important opportunity to communicate a more emotional and health-centric message.

Lynx conducted an online survey among shoppers of key retailers, using shelf set simulation and image heat mapping techniques to assess package performance in a competitive context.

Results clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of the new packaging in traditional on-shelf performance assessment. They also identified specific packaging elements that were critical to the communication of the new positioning.

Not only did the results drive the ultimate design of the package, but the insights were incorporated as a central component of meetings with retailers to gain buy-in for the new packaging.

Brand Stories

Our results identified specific elements critical to communicating the new positioning.