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Feature Optimization
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Concept Optimization

Success story: Expanding internationally with an optimized menu.

Foodservice company optimizes its products to meet region-specific needs using Lynx insights.

A Foodservice client planned to expand internationally but needed better consumer insight into away-from-home dining habits and preferences. To tailor and optimize their product offerings in each country, they needed to know region-specific consumption habits and product preferences. Understanding region-specific barriers to ordering this type of food was also needed not just to develop products, but to expand the category.

Lynx studied restaurant visitors in Puerto Rico and eight countries including China, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama to set the category and product mix for each. Our optimization approach determined the optimal number and type of products to maximize their penetration and order frequency.

We worked with our client to prioritize expansion countries in terms of opportunity. We also developed key selling strategies and tactics to target segments, grow product incidence and sell-in optimal combinations of products by operator type within each country.

Product Design

We studied restaurant visitors in nine countries to optimize our client’s product offerings.