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Understand the paths shoppers take, the pain points they experience, and the needs they seek to fulfill so that your marketing activity points consumers down the path of purchasing your brand.

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Success story: Creating luxury offerings that transcend the expected.

Hotel conglomerate builds unique luxury offerings using Lynx research and insights.

A client in the Travel & Hospitality industry was looking to expand its presence in the Luxury tier of hotels. Although the client was well-versed in ‘traditional’ luxury offerings, they required deeper insight into what luxury truly means to travelers in order differentiate and expand luxury offerings.

Initially the client came to us looking to test a set of creative territories. We incorporated this into the approach, but also seized the opportunity to springboard into an exploration of consumer luxury journeys. Diving deep into what luxury truly means to a consumer, beyond the context of hotels, allowed us to bring a fresh, new perspective on luxury.

The insights curated from this research allowed the client to visualize aspects of luxury that transcended a traditional high-end amenity centric definition into defining luxury via indulgent intellectual and emotional experiences.

This new definition of luxury became the client’s north star toward which they focused new product development, brand positioning, and market communications in the luxury category.

Customer Journeys

Diving deep into what luxury truly means to a consumer allowed us to bring a fresh perspective.