Account Executive

Position Summary:
The Account Executive's role is to develop, maintain and grow relationships with clients while conducting their marketing research work to the highest quality. This includes:

  • Operating a business unit as a profit center within Lynx Research Consulting
  • Developing new business primarily from new accounts
  • Maintaining business relationships and projects with clients
  • Understanding clients' decision-making and information needs
  • Designing and implementing custom marketing research projects to help clients make informed decisions
  • Ensuring the successful, flawless execution of marketing research projects
  • Formulating insights and developing recommendations based on analysis of study results
  • Developing client deliverables that tell the story effectively and with impact and communicating/presenting this information to clients
  • Develop team talent as needed to get the client's work accomplished while also developing more junior talent within the organization.

In this role, the Account Executive must be able to execute all aspects of a marketing research project, including managing relationships with clients and prospective clients.

The responsibilities of the Account Executive fall into two general categories:

1) Growing the business by converting prospects into new accounts with ongoing revenue generation. This includes:

  • Developing new client relationships with the goal of generating new revenue stream
  • Managing existing client relationships to ensure repeat business
  • Designing studies and developing proposals for both current and potential clients
  • Sales activities with the intention of growing our current client business and introducing new clients for Lynx Research Consulting.

2) Execution of client projects. This includes (but is not necessarily limited to):

  • Writing questionnaires
  • Writing analysis plans
  • Conducting analyses including analysis of cross-tabs, multivariate statistical analysis output (multivariate analyses are conducted by a statistician), raw data in Excel and/or SPSS
  • Writing topline and final reports in PowerPoint. This requires the ability to:
    • Create compelling report/presentation slides, including the choice of the most effective way to display data
    • Efficiently incorporate data from raw sources such as cross-tabs, Excel data files, online reporting tools, etc. into the report/client
    • deliverable
    • Write insightful analysis to help clients understand the implications of the results, not just report the data.

The Account Executive has primary responsibility for developing and managing client relationships in order to develop business on behalf of the company. The position requires someone who is both self- directed and can work well with others. Daily, even hourly, contact with the internal Lynx Research Account Team and Project Managers will be required. The Account Executive will also interact with clients and occasionally with external Lynx Research data collection, data processing, and advanced analytics partners.

The ability to develop strong working relationships with all of these constituencies will lay the groundwork for success in the role. Strong communication skills are also required since this position can be fulfilled by working in a satellite location. All Lynx Research Account Executives virtual office from locations throughout the US, with Lynx Research Operations Staff located in Boise ID.

The job will likely require some travel as needed. Most Account Executives at Lynx Research Consulting travel at least once per month or more.

Qualification Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree required, master's degree preferred. Strong preference will be given to candidates who possess master's degrees in marketing research, statistics, or MBAs with an emphasis in marketing research.
  • 10+ years of experience in the marketing research industry. A mix of both client and supplier side experience is ideal.
  • Experience in project and client management
  • Have a network of potential clients that provide an opportunity for future revenue
  • Ability to manage multiple assignments while working in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment
  • Must be able to function independently as well as a part of a team
  • Excellent communications skills - both written and oral
  • Proficiency with MS Office required, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook

People who thrive at Lynx Research in Account Team roles are naturally curious. They ask a lot of questions in their day to day lives. They are willing to take calculated risks. They are not afraid to explore and suggest bold, new approaches to problems. At Lynx Research we believe that inquisitive risk taking leads to success.

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Compensation for this position is a combination of base salary plus bonus/profit-sharing
  • Base salary is commensurate with experience and skill set. The annual bonus/profit-sharing is based on the profits generated by the projects sold and conducted by the Account Executive themselves. For successful Account Executives at Lynx, this has been a significant addition to the base salary.
  • 401k program
  • Health insurance provided
  • Up to 4 weeks of vacation per year

Lynx Research is headquartered in Boise, ID. However, the Account Executive position offers the flexibility to work from home, from any place in the continental United States in which reliable Internet and phone connections are available and is in relatively close proximity to a major airport.


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